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21 U.S. Built Racing Schooners by Other Designers

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  • Ariadne, Cutty Sark, Mary Pinchot;  131′ (147’10”?) LOA, (Length on deck.) 1902.  Des. Tames, Lemoine and Crane.  Blt. Harlan & Hollingsworth.  Mizzen added, also square foretopsail.
  • Constellation; 134′ LOA, 1889.  Des. Edwd. Burgess.  Blt. H. Piepgras.
  • Elmina; 99′ 2″LOA, 1901  Des.  A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Townsend and Downey.
  • Elmina; 125’LOA, 1905.  Des. A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Geo. Lawley and Son.
  • Enchantress, Katoura II, Enchantress; 136′ LOA,  1911  Des. A. Cary Smith and Ferris.  Blt. Geo Lawley & Son.
  • Endymion; 135’9″LOA, 1899.  Des. Tames, Lemoine and Crane.  Blt. Geo. Lawley and Son.  Said to be one of the best looking schooners of her size.  In 1900  set the trans Atlantic record, 13 days 20 hours 36 minutes, Sandy Hook to The Needels, 145 miles east of the Lizzard, that was broken by the schooner Atlantic in 1905.
  • Etak, Vega, Te Vega, Juinita, Te Vega, now Deva; 134’2″ LOA, 1930.  Des. Cox & Stevens.  Blt. Fried Krupp Germaniawerft.  Owned by an Italian and  sailing on the Med.
  • Goodwill; 161′ LOA, 1922.  Des.  Henry J. Geilow Inc.  Blt.  Bethlehem Ship Building Corp.
  • Hardi Biaou, Valor; 110′ LOA, 1928. Des. John G. Alden.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.
  • Hildegard; 135′ LOA, 1897.  Des. A. S. Chesbrough.  Blt. Harlan & Hollingsworth.
  • Lasca, 120” LOA, 1893.  Des.  A. Carey Smith.  Bld. Pipgras.  Returned to the U. S. after WWI and became a cargo schooner in 1918 or 1919.   Details wanted.
  • Infanta, 120′ LOA, 1930. Des. L. E. Geary.  Blt Craig Ship Building Co.
  • Intrepid, 172′ LOA, 1903.  Des.  J. Bevor Webb.  Blt.  T. S. Marvel.
  • Invader, Nancy Lee, Empress, Invader, 135′ 0″ LOA, 1905.  Des.  A. S. Chesebrough.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Did well in ocean racing.  Currently for sale.
  • Meteor III, Nordstern, Aldeberan; 161′ LOA, 1902. Des. A. Cary Smith. Blt. Townswnd & Downey for Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Sea Fox; 115′ LOA, 1888.  Des.  A. Cass Canfield.  Blt.  Harlan & Hollingsworth.  Iron Hull.  L. Francis Herreschoff  (L. F. H.) thought she was the best boat designed by an amatuer designer.   Later became a commercial vessel.
  • Starling; 126’6” 1926.  Des.  John G. Alden.  Blt.  Rice Bros.  Corp.
  • Thistle; 150′ LOA, 1901. Sq Fore Top.  Des.  H. C. Witheringham.  Blt.  Townsend & Downey.
  • Vergemere, 162′ LOA, 1903.  Des. A. Cary Smith. Blt.  Harland & Hollingsworth.  Near sister to Meteor III.
  • Wanderer, 139′, 1922.  Des. William H. Hand Jr.  Blt. J. F. James.  Built of wood.   May have become a fishing schooner.
  • Yampa, Iduna, Yampa; 135′ LOA, 1887. Des. A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Harland & Hollingsworth.  Sold to German owner, sailed as Iduna, brought back to the U. S. after WW I.  Sailed again as Yampa.   L. F. H. says she was one of the best schooners of her day.
  • And a 22nd.  A special category for a single special boat.  We concentrate our yachting oriented efforts on large, slightly later,  bronze, composite, iron or steel vessels.  The wooden schooner Coronet was built during the transition years to the next generation of construction techniques. She deserves special mention here because of her ongoing exacting restoration.  She is 131′ LOA, 1885.  Des.  William Townsend,  Blt.  C. & R. Poillon.
  • last update June 18,2010.
  • We have additional information on most of these vessels.

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Five Racing Schooner Replica Candidates

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  • We have been looking for other schooners that are about the same size, 130-140′ LOA and age, 1900- 1930 as those already mentioned.  Endymion, 135′ LOA, 1899, Des. Tams Lemoine and Crane. Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  Onetime holder of the trans Atlantic record; and  Enchantress, Katoura II, Enchantress, 136′ LOA, 1911, Des. A. Cary Smith, Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  Are two more that come to mind.  We have culled a number of names of European schooners from various sources and are now gathering information on them.  We  are now adding Cicily, 134′ LOA, 1902, Des. & Blt. Wm. Fife.  And Margerhita, 133′ LOA, 1913 Des. Chas. Nicholson, Blt. Camper & Nicholson.  Yet another addition should be Meteor IV, 129′ 11″ LOA, Des. Max Oritz, Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.   If we Amp things up a bit, we could add Goodwill, 161′ LOA, 1922 Des. Henry J.  Geilow, Blt. Bethlehem Shipbuilding, and the first  Katoura, 162′ LOA, Des. & Blt. Herreschoff 1914.    Last update Feb 13, 2010.

We have additional information on each of these vessels.

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The 9 Herreschoff Steel Schooners

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During the period from 1903 to 1923 Captain Nat. designed and the Herreschoff  Manufacturing Co. built 9 two masted steel schooners.


Elena, now sailing under her enlarged rig off St. Tropez, October 2012.

  • Ingomar, 127′ 1903.  After a very successful life, the original was wrecked, largely due to outdated charts, off the Carolinas in 1930.   A replica is now under construction by the van der Graaf brothers in Dordrecht, Holland.  These photos were taken and sent to us by John Lammerts van Bueren  and show the three sections of her hull together for the first time, on March 29, 2012.


A recent photograph of the Ingomar.

INGOMAR - 191112- JLVB DSCF0662 BB

  • Queen, Irolita, Queen, 126′ 1906 (L. F. Herrechoff’s favorite boat.)  Burned in the fire at the Robert Jacob Shipyard, (now Consolidated Yachts Inc.) City Island, NY, Feb 20 1920.  Later broken up.
  • Two  sisterships, Westward, Hamburg II (or III), Westward; 136′ 1910 (New Eleanora) & Elena, 1911  Elena was under U S documentation until Jan. 20,1943 when she was sold to foreign  interests and went under the British flag.
  • Three other sisterships, Vagrant; (actually the second Herreschoff schooner of this name, the  earlier  smaller one is of composite construction and is currently in Japan.  She is badly in need of a new home.  If you are  interested in  details please ask us) 109′ 1913.  Sailing on the Med. 2010, may be currently rigged as a staysail schooner.  Reportedly undergoing a major refit.  Will she now be returned to her original gaff rig and join in the races?   Mariette, Cleopatra’s Barge II, Gee Gee III, Evening Star, Guinivere, now Mariette; 109′ 1915.   Sailing on the Med.  Ohonkara, Ramona, Lady Phillis, Ramona; 109′ 1920, Was wrecked and sunk on the reefs off  Bermuda on Dec. 2, 1967. 5 lives were lost.  Subsequently raised,  she was found to be damaged beyond repair and junked.   Her original owner also had Migrant built.  Perhaps a new version of her could be built to race with her sisters.
  • Katoura, Elfay, Magdalene II; 162′ 1914. (L. F. H. thought she was the fastest schooner ever built.)  Probably ended her days in Europe, perhaps Gibraltar, in 1951.    Katoura, as Magdalen II, had several happy years during the 1930’s sailing from the south coast of England, based from the Isle of Wight.  These photos show her people during that time.  The steam yacht is her predicessor, Magdalene,  the seated gents are, from left to right, her professional captain, and the Jameson brothers.  We don’t know who is at the wheel.       In April, 2012 we heard a rumor that there is interest in Europe in building a replica if her.

  • Wildfire, now Atrevida; 95′ 1923.  Currently  sailing in Brazil as a staysail schooner.
  • At least 3 of the original schooners are still sailing.  (What was the fate of Katoura?) Two others have been replicated.   Is it time for a Herreschoff  Schooner Owner’s Association?
  • We have additional information on most of these schooners.  Last updated June 7, 2012

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Classic Schooner Racing?

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If the replica schooners Eleanora and Elena plus the new replica of Germania were joined by the existing similarly sized and rigged  Deva and Invader it would make for a grand event.   An even grander event would include replicas of Cicily, Enchantress, ( Katoura II, Enchantress), Endemion, Margherita, and Meteor IV & V. Will the new Atlantic have an official race with the Creole?

Last update Dec. 2, 2010.

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Classic Sail Yachts: Large Sailing Yachts 1885-1935-present

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The purpose of this site is to encourage interest in and demand for historically accurate large classic sailing yachts. Our focus will be on schooners, brigantines, barkentines and ship rigged yachts built or proposed during the half century between 1885 and 1935.  We will include both restorations and new construction of true replicas. A secondary purpose is to provide news about other types of interesting or unusual larger sailing vessels. Historical information and news gleaned from sources around the world will be presented.  We will maintain hard copies of files off-site on individual vessels which we will share on a request basis. These files will provide, with applicable permission and attribution, references to or copies of plans, photos, books, magazine and periodical articles, websites, etc.  Where people currently involved with these vessels or their descendants are known and wish to be contacted arrangements will be made. Readers are encouraged to submit and exchange information of both current and historical interest.