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Ketches and Yawls

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  • Black Swan, Orig. Brynhild, then Changrilla. 1899, 130′(?) LOA, (Length On Deck) Orig. Yawl, now Ketch. Des. Chas. Nicholson, Blt. Camper & Nicholson.   As of March 15,  2017, we have heard that she is sailing and again for sale.
  • Alisa, 1895, 130′ 6″  LOA, Yawl, Des. Fife.  She was the 8th boat to finish the Transatlantic Race in 1905.
  • Cariad Two boats of this name. The first of these two fine Ketches was built in 1896. 106′ LOA. Also sailed under the name Fidra. Des. Summer & Payne.  Has recently gone through a major rebuild.  The second boat has left less of a trail.  Probably Des. & Blt. by Summer & Payne in 1903. May have been 95′ LOA (or LWL.) The second boat was probably larger than the first.
  • Glory, 1901, 110′ (LWL?) Des. Arthur E. Payne.
  • Julnar, 1909, Ketch, Des. Wm.  Fife Jr.  Blt Summer & Payne.
  • Leander, 96′ ketch (yawl?). Blt. Summer & Payne ?  No details yet.
  • Sylvia, 1925, 121′ LOA, Ketch. Des. Chas. E. Nicholson Blt. Camper & Nicholson.  May have been C & N’s largest Ketch.
  • Xarifa, 1913,  134’0″LOA, Ketch. Des. Joseph M.  Sopher, Probably Blt. John S. White.
  • Latest update June 7, 2012.
  • We have additional information on some of these vessels.

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