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the Largest Steel Schooner Yachts Built Between 1890 and 1931

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  • Ailee; 167′ 7″ LOA 1928  3M Staysail, Des. Chas.   Nicholson, Blt. Camper & Nicholson. Near sister to Sonia II.  Blt. 1931.
  • Alcyone;168′ LOA. (Length on deck) 1907. 3M Gaff, Des.  Clinton Crane.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Became commercial in Central America.
  • Atlantic; 185′ LOA. 1903. 3M Gaff, Des.  Gardner & Cox.  Blt. Townsend & Downey.  Replica now sailing on the Med.  For news of her larger sister go to Sea Call below.

_JRT6598ATLANTIC - james robinson taylor _JRT3939_JRT3881_JRT3430 (1)_JRT3170_JRT3141 (1) photos taken by James Taylor, reproduced with permission.

  • Arcturus; 169′ LOA. 1896. 3?M Gaff, Des St. Claire Byrne, Blt. Ramage & Furgeson.
  • Black  Douglas, Aquarius, now El Boughaz I. 153′ LOA. 1930. 3 M Staysail, Des. Gielow, Blt.  Bath Iron Works.  Was sold recently to a Moroccan owner.
  • Creole, Magic Circle, Vira now Creole. 191′ LOA. 1927. 3M Staysail, Comp. Construction. Des.  Chas. E. Nicholson.  Blt.  Camper & Nicholson.  currently owned by Italian sisters.  Sailing on Med.
  • Cressida, Pioneer, now Yankee Clipper; 172′ LOA.  1927. Orig. 2M Sq. Fore Top.  Was later 3M Staysail. Des. Cox & Stevens.  Blt.  Krupp.  Her plans were probably  evolved from the 1903 Intrepid.   We have interesting information from the 1920’s and 30’s about this fine vessel.  This vessel has now been broken up.  Jan. 7, 2017.
  • Czarina, 3M Sq Fore Topsail Sch.  May have been Benjamin Nicholsons largest steam aux.  sailing yacht design No details yet.
  • Flying Cloud, Fantome; 203′ 6″.  1929. 4M. Gaff, Des.  J. S. Barbour.  Blt. Cantieri Navale Orlando.  Lost in hurricane Mitch, Central America.
  • Genesee; 148′ LOA.  1900.  2M. Gaff, Des. A. C. Smith & Barby.  Blt. Cressent Shipyard.  Known to have survived WWI, no details.
  • Goodwill; 161′ LOA.  1922. 2M Gaff,  Des. Henry J. Gielow.  Blt. Bethlehem Shipbuilding.  One of the last large schooners to be seriously raced.  Lost with all hands on the Pacific coast of  Mexico.
  • Gleniffer; 157’6”. 1899. Orig. 2M Gaff, later 3M Gaff.    Des G. L. Watson Blt D. W. Henderson.
  • Guinivere (1), Orig. Visitor II; 197′ LOA. 1908. 3M Gaff. Des. A. L. Swasey & Raymond Page.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Wrecked while in US Naval service during WWI.  A side note. The first Visitor was a steel steam yacht Blt. 1904.
  • Guinivere;  (2); 195′ LOA. 1921. 3M Gaff. Des.  A. L. Swasey.  Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  Last seen on the Med, 1960’s (?).
  • Hamburg II, Ex. Rainbow ; 134′ or 158′ (?) LOA. 1897 or 1900(?). 2M Gaff. Des. G. L. Watson.  Blt. Hendeson & Co.
  • Hussar, Vema, now Mandalay; 202′ 6″ LOA. 1923.  Orig. 3M Gaff, Now Staysail, Des.  Cox & Stevens.  Burmeister & Wain.  Recently sold, (May 2012) to be refit for service in the Eastern Carribean.
  • Intrepid, Invincible, 163′ LOA.  1893.  3M Gaff, Des.  J. Bevor Webb.  Blt.  Neafie & Levy.
  • Intrepid, Uvira; 171′ 6″ LOA.  1903. 2M Gaff, Des.  J. Bevor Webb.  Blt. T. S. Marvel.  Broken up about 1937.
  • Kalisto, Fisherman II; 180′ LOA.  1921.  3M Sq. Fore Top, Des. Max Oertz.  Blt. Krupp.  Rig removed and repowered, was motor yacht as Fisherman II.
  • Karina, Undaunted, Dauntless; 200′ LOA.  1911. 3M. Gaff, Des.  Theo. D. Wells.  Blt.  Staten Island Shipbuilding.  Built to beat Atlantic. Wrecked 1951.  Plans for her are reportedly at Mystic Seaport and at South Street Seaport.
  • Katoura, Elfay, Magdalen II; 162′ LOA.  1914. 2M Gaff, Des. Nat. Herreschoff.  Blt. Herreschoff Mfg. Co.  No report after about 1951.  Last known to be in Gibraltar.
  • Kihna; 183′ 9″ LOA. 1930. Rig not known, (probably 3M Staysail.) Des. Chas. Nicholson.  Blt.  Camper & Nicholson.  (Was she actually a motor yacht?)
  • Lancashire Witch; British steam aux.  No details yet.
  • Meteor III, Nordstern Aldeberan; 161′ LOA.  1902. 2M. Gaff, Des.  A. Cary Smith  Blt. Townsend & Downey.
  • Meteor IV, Ailee; 129′ LOA.  1909. 2M Gaff, Des. Max Oertz.  Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.
  • Meteor V, Feid el Bihar; 156′ LOA.  1914. 2M Gaff, Des. Max Oertz.  Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.  L. Francis Herreschoff thought she was an enlarged version of Westward.   Last known to be King Farok’s yacht , Egypt, 1950’s
  • Migrant; 223′ LOA.  1929. 3M. Gaff, Des.  Henry J. Gielow, Inc.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Logs from her years as a yacht have very recently come back to City Island from, of all places, Las Vegas, Nevada.  They have not yet been read.  Reportedly blew up about 1953 while in commercial service.
  • Sea Call; 215′ LOA.  1915. 3M Gaff, Monel plating over steel frames. Des.  Wm. Gardner.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  While it was claimed that she was built only for world cruising, it is more likely that she was actually built to beat Atlantic, Karina and Katoura. She was the World’s Largest Battery.  Scrapped after only 6 weeks afloat.   One of the greatest schooners ever.  Easily reached 14 knots in trials.  It may be possible to reconstruct her lines.  A 6′ long half model of her, used to prepare her plating diagram, Ref # ML-X-AZ-60 ; and a photo of her at anchor, Ref # GO.2.537 ; are at the Hart Nautical Collection at MIT, some plans available elsewhere, also see Recent developments section.
  • Sakara, Kirin, Magdalene, Kirin, Primivera, Kyra; 98′ 9″ (111’9′?) LOA, 82′ (?)  LWL Beam 22′ 9″ Draft 12′ 6′ (14′ 7″ ?). Orig Gaff now 2M Staysail Des. J. Bevor Webb.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Smaller than others mentioned in this section, but significant because she is one of only 2  J. Bevor Webb Designs still sailing (on the Med.) that we know of. The second is Partridge; 49′ LOA, Gaff Sloop, Blt. by Nicholson in 1885.
  • Sonia II; 166′ LOA.  1931.  3M Staysail, Des. Chas. Nicholson Blt. Camper & Nicholson.
  • Sunbeam II, Flying Clipper,Eugene Eugenedies now Eugenios Eugenidis; 195′ LOA. 1929. 3M Gaff Sq. Fore Top, Des.  G. L. Watson  Blt. Denny.  Has reportedly been taken over by the Greek Navy for use as a sail training ship.  Funds lacking for restoration during current economic situation.
  • Sultana; 190′ LOA.  1890. 3M. Gaff, Sq. Fore Top, Des.  J. Beavor Webb.   Blt.  Handren & Robins. Rig may have been removed later.
  • Utowana; 190′ LOA. 1891. 3M. Gaff, Des.  J. Beavor Webb.  Blt.  Neafie & Levy.
  • Sultana and Utowana; May have been sisterships.
  • Vergemere; 162′ LOA.  1903.  Des. A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Harlan & Hollingsworth.  My have been a sistership to Meteor III.
  • There probably were other very large  schooners we don’t yet know of.
  • We have additional information on most of these vessels.                                                         Last Edited  Jan. 7, 2017.