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Classic Sail Yachts: Large Sailing Yachts 1885-1935-present

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The purpose of this site is to encourage interest in and demand for historically accurate large classic sailing yachts. Our focus will be on schooners, brigantines, barkentines and ship rigged yachts built or proposed during the half century between 1885 and 1935.  We will include both restorations and new construction of true replicas. A secondary purpose is to provide news about other types of interesting or unusual larger sailing vessels. Historical information and news gleaned from sources around the world will be presented.  We will maintain hard copies of files off-site on individual vessels which we will share on a request basis. These files will provide, with applicable permission and attribution, references to or copies of plans, photos, books, magazine and periodical articles, websites, etc.  Where people currently involved with these vessels or their descendants are known and wish to be contacted arrangements will be made. Readers are encouraged to submit and exchange information of both current and historical interest.