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21 U.S. Built Racing Schooners by Other Designers

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  • Ariadne, Cutty Sark, Mary Pinchot;  131′ (147’10”?) LOA, (Length on deck.) 1902.  Des. Tames, Lemoine and Crane.  Blt. Harlan & Hollingsworth.  Mizzen added, also square foretopsail.
  • Constellation; 134′ LOA, 1889.  Des. Edwd. Burgess.  Blt. H. Piepgras.
  • Elmina; 99′ 2″LOA, 1901  Des.  A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Townsend and Downey.
  • Elmina; 125’LOA, 1905.  Des. A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Geo. Lawley and Son.
  • Enchantress, Katoura II, Enchantress; 136′ LOA,  1911  Des. A. Cary Smith and Ferris.  Blt. Geo Lawley & Son.
  • Endymion; 135’9″LOA, 1899.  Des. Tames, Lemoine and Crane.  Blt. Geo. Lawley and Son.  Said to be one of the best looking schooners of her size.  In 1900  set the trans Atlantic record, 13 days 20 hours 36 minutes, Sandy Hook to The Needels, 145 miles east of the Lizzard, that was broken by the schooner Atlantic in 1905.
  • Etak, Vega, Te Vega, Juinita, Te Vega, now Deva; 134’2″ LOA, 1930.  Des. Cox & Stevens.  Blt. Fried Krupp Germaniawerft.  Owned by an Italian and  sailing on the Med.
  • Goodwill; 161′ LOA, 1922.  Des.  Henry J. Geilow Inc.  Blt.  Bethlehem Ship Building Corp.
  • Hardi Biaou, Valor; 110′ LOA, 1928. Des. John G. Alden.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.
  • Hildegard; 135′ LOA, 1897.  Des. A. S. Chesbrough.  Blt. Harlan & Hollingsworth.
  • Lasca, 120” LOA, 1893.  Des.  A. Carey Smith.  Bld. Pipgras.  Returned to the U. S. after WWI and became a cargo schooner in 1918 or 1919.   Details wanted.
  • Infanta, 120′ LOA, 1930. Des. L. E. Geary.  Blt Craig Ship Building Co.
  • Intrepid, 172′ LOA, 1903.  Des.  J. Bevor Webb.  Blt.  T. S. Marvel.
  • Invader, Nancy Lee, Empress, Invader, 135′ 0″ LOA, 1905.  Des.  A. S. Chesebrough.  Blt.  Geo. Lawley & Son.  Did well in ocean racing.  Currently for sale.
  • Meteor III, Nordstern, Aldeberan; 161′ LOA, 1902. Des. A. Cary Smith. Blt. Townswnd & Downey for Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Sea Fox; 115′ LOA, 1888.  Des.  A. Cass Canfield.  Blt.  Harlan & Hollingsworth.  Iron Hull.  L. Francis Herreschoff  (L. F. H.) thought she was the best boat designed by an amatuer designer.   Later became a commercial vessel.
  • Starling; 126’6” 1926.  Des.  John G. Alden.  Blt.  Rice Bros.  Corp.
  • Thistle; 150′ LOA, 1901. Sq Fore Top.  Des.  H. C. Witheringham.  Blt.  Townsend & Downey.
  • Vergemere, 162′ LOA, 1903.  Des. A. Cary Smith. Blt.  Harland & Hollingsworth.  Near sister to Meteor III.
  • Wanderer, 139′, 1922.  Des. William H. Hand Jr.  Blt. J. F. James.  Built of wood.   May have become a fishing schooner.
  • Yampa, Iduna, Yampa; 135′ LOA, 1887. Des. A. Cary Smith.  Blt. Harland & Hollingsworth.  Sold to German owner, sailed as Iduna, brought back to the U. S. after WW I.  Sailed again as Yampa.   L. F. H. says she was one of the best schooners of her day.
  • And a 22nd.  A special category for a single special boat.  We concentrate our yachting oriented efforts on large, slightly later,  bronze, composite, iron or steel vessels.  The wooden schooner Coronet was built during the transition years to the next generation of construction techniques. She deserves special mention here because of her ongoing exacting restoration.  She is 131′ LOA, 1885.  Des.  William Townsend,  Blt.  C. & R. Poillon.
  • last update June 18,2010.
  • We have additional information on most of these vessels.

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