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Five Racing Schooner Replica Candidates

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  • We have been looking for other schooners that are about the same size, 130-140′ LOA and age, 1900- 1930 as those already mentioned.  Endymion, 135′ LOA, 1899, Des. Tams Lemoine and Crane. Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  Onetime holder of the trans Atlantic record; and  Enchantress, Katoura II, Enchantress, 136′ LOA, 1911, Des. A. Cary Smith, Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  Are two more that come to mind.  We have culled a number of names of European schooners from various sources and are now gathering information on them.  We  are now adding Cicily, 134′ LOA, 1902, Des. & Blt. Wm. Fife.  And Margerhita, 133′ LOA, 1913 Des. Chas. Nicholson, Blt. Camper & Nicholson.  Yet another addition should be Meteor IV, 129′ 11″ LOA, Des. Max Oritz, Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.   If we Amp things up a bit, we could add Goodwill, 161′ LOA, 1922 Des. Henry J.  Geilow, Blt. Bethlehem Shipbuilding, and the first  Katoura, 162′ LOA, Des. & Blt. Herreschoff 1914.    Last update Feb 13, 2010.

We have additional information on each of these vessels.


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September 21, 2009 at 10:42 pm