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Known Best Candidates for “Restoration of the Century” (With Apologies to Lulworth)

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  • Argus, Polynesia, Argus; Near sister to Creole and Santa Maria Manuela, is in Portugal.  News wanted.
  • Hussar, Sea Cloud, Antarna, Patria, now Sea Cloud; 316′ LOA.  4 M Bark.  1931.  Des.  Cox & Stevens.  Blt. Krupp.  Now a cruise ship,  sailing the Med.  Summers, Carib.  Winters.  Will she again become a private yacht?
  • Hussar, Vema, now Mandalay; 202′ 6″ LOA.  Orig. 3 M Gaff  Sch. 1923. Des. Cox & Stevens.  Blt. Burmeister & Wain.   She was to undergo a major refit for service in the Galapagos Islands, but did not do so. Instead she was purchased by a company with offices in Miami, Fl. She is again sailing in the Carib.
  • Cressida, Pioneer, now Yankee Clipper; 172′ LOA.  Orig. 2 M Sq Foretopsail Sch.  Des. Cox & Stevens.  Built Friedr. Krupp Germaniawerft A G.,  Kiel, Germany 1927.  Was broken up in Trinidad, Jan. 2017.  As of Nov. 4, 2011 there was intense interest. As of April 23, 2013, The earlier party decided not to proceed. A new potential buyer was in the picture.   We have received interesting materials from the 1920’s and 30’s about this fine vessel.  I have received documentation information on her from the United States Coast Guard.  While some of her original papers are missing, I was provided with materials allowing me to proceed, this is written June 9, 2011.    1) Following construction she was brought to the United States.  2) 1928, issued Official Number 227397, Owner, Herman Oelrichs, Address 578 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y.  3) 1930, Ownership transferred to Albert E. Pierce, Home Port New York N. Y.  4) 1931, Mr. Pierce is shown as living in Chicago, Ill.  5) 1932, Ownership transferred to Pierce Investment Co. (Del.) Home Port New York, N. Y., Address 224 South Michigan Ave. , Chicago, Ill.  6) 1938, Name changed to Crimper, Ownership transferrerd to George Vanderbilt.  7) 1939, Name changed to Pioneer.  Still under Mr. Vanderbilt’s ownership.  8) 1943, 1945, 1962, Same.  9) 1963, Removed from Documentation, Motorboat No. Awarded, sold by the Executors of the Estate of George Vanderbilt to the Leeward Trading Company, 19601 N. W. Eighth Ave.  Miami,  Florida  July 25, 1962.  10) Registered with the State of Florida, Awarded Florida No.  FL 9817E on Aug. 24 1962.  11) The records show an alternate address for her new owners, C/O Bank of Nova Scotia, Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas.  A letter from the Commandant’s Office, Eleventh Naval District, San Diego, California dated March 2, 1943 confirms that Pioneer was taken over by the U. S. Navy on 27 July, 1942 on one dollar per year charter for the duration of the war.  From other sources we know that she was conveyed back to Mr. Vanderbilt by the Navy after the conclusion of the war.
  • Santa Maria Manuela; 189′ 7″ LOA.  4M Gaff Sch. Blt.  Campania Uniao Fabrilo.   Definitely not a yacht.   Her extensive rebuild is complete and she is now sailing.  She is again a vessel of great strength and beauty.
  • Sunbeam, Flying Clipper,Eugene Eugenidies; Has  been laid up in Greece.  We have heard that the Greek navy may take her over for use as a sail training ship.  New news wanted.
  • We have additional information on each of these vessels.  Are there other candidates out there that we don’t know?  We would like to hear from you.

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