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11 Two Masted Racing Schooners Built In Germany the U. K. and the U. S. A. for or acquired by German Owners 1900-1914

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  • Cicely, 134′ LOA, 1902, Des. Wm. Fife, Blt. Fife. Originally British Owned.
  • Clara, 1899 (1900?), Des. J. M. Sopher, No specs. yet. Des. for a German Owner.
  • Germania, Exen, Half Moon, 122′ LOA, 1908.  Des. Max Oertz, Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.  In 1908 Germania sailed a 47 mile course around the Isle of Weight in record time.   Wrecked in Florida hurricane, 1930.   Construction of replica began in 2009 at the same yard that built the new Elena.  Now sailing on the Med.
  • Hamburg, Ex Rainbow, originally British,  158′  LOA, 1897, Composite Const. Des. G. L. Watson, Blt. D. & W. Henderson.  Finished second in the Trans-Atlantic Race of 1905.   Scraped 1927.
  • Hamburg II, Originally U. S. owned, then British as Westward, and again after WW I. 136′ LOA. 1910, Des. Nat. Herreschoff, Blt. Herreschoff Mfg. Co.  Replica sailing as Eleanora.
  • Iduna, 135′ LOA. 1887 (1891?)  Des. A.  Cary Smith.   Originally Blt.  U. S. By Harlan & Hollingsworth as Yampa, British owned as Yampa again after WW I.
  • Lasca, 120′ LOA. 1893.  Des. Cary Smith. Blt. Pipgras.  Returned to the U. S. and became a cargo schooner in 1918 or 1919.
  • Meteor III, Nordstern, Aldeberarn, 161′ LOA, 1902. Des. A. Cary Smith, Blt. Towsend And Downey.  U. S. owned after WWI.
  • Meteor IV, Ailee, 129′ 11″ LOA, 1909.  Des. Max Oertz, Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.  Meteor III and Germania were near sisters.  Meteor III was slightly huskier.  Owned  Spain (France?) after WWI.
  • Meteor V, Feid el Bihar, 156′ LOA, 1914. Des. Max Oertz.  Blt. Krupps Germaniawerft.  Owned Italy after WWI, Egypt after WWII.
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