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18 Two Masted Racing Schooners Built Or Owned In The U.K. Between 1895-1914

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  • Adela, Heartsease, 140′ LOA (Length On Deck),  1903, Des. W. C. Storey,  Blt. J. G. Fay.   Adela, A wonderful and entirely new boat retaining some elements of the original design was built in 1992. 
  • Cetonia; 1889, No details yet.  1902 Composite, 120 LWL (?) ex L’ esperance.
  • Cicely; 134′ 1902,  Des & Blt. Wm.  Fife
  • Clara; 107′ LOA, 1899 or 1900 (?), Des. J. M. Soper, Blt. P. T. Harris for a German owner.  No details yet.
  • Gertrude; No details yet.  (There was an 1864 ketch of this name.)
  • Gleniffer; 1899, 157′ 6″  Des. G. L. Watson.  Blt. D. W. Henderson.  Clipper bow. Largest 2M sch. at that time.  Later 3M sch.  She kept her original masts, added a short mizzen, thus reducing the area of her mainsail by about 40%.  This was done to several other large 2 masted schooners.
  • Golden Hind; 1931, 104′ 9″, Des. A. Mylne, Blt. Alexander Stephen and Sons.  Have photo.
  • Julnar; No details yet. (Fife ketch of this name built in 1909.)
  • Leander; 1904 (?),  No details yet. (There was a 96′ ketch of this name.)
  • L’Esperance; 1899 (?) J. M. Soper.  No details yet.  A still confused picture.  There seems to have been a 1902 composite C&N schooner, 120 LWL (?) of this name.  The 1902 boat may have become Cetonia.
  • Margherita, Davida; 133′ LOA, 1913, Des. Chas. Nicholson, Blt. Camper & Nicholson.   Said to be one of Chas. Nicholson’s favorites. 3M sch. as Davida. Some recent talk of a replica.
  • Namara; No details yet.  There was a 81′ 3″LOA yawl 1894 Des. G. L. Watson Blt. D & W Henderson.   Is this the same boat?
  • Ocania; No details yet.
  • Rainbow, Hamburg; LOA, 133′ or 158 LOA’, 1897 or 1900, Des. G. L. Watson, Blt. Henderson.
  • Susanne, Lamora; LOA,93′ 7″ ,  1904, Des. & Blt. Wm. Fife.
  • Sulvana, Diane, Pays (Pais?) de France, Le Matin, Diane, Vira, now Orion; 110′ 4″ (129′? 148′?) LOA,  1911, Des. Chas. E. Nicholson,  Blt. Camper & Nicholson.  Sailing on the Med.
  • Westward, Hamburg II, Westward; 136′ LOA, 1910,  Des.  Nat. Herreschoff, Blt. Herreschoff Mfg. Co.  Was also owned in Europe first by German and then, after WWI,  by U. K. owners.  Replica now racing as Eleanora.
  • We have additional information on some of these vessels.
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