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    • Atlantic: Replica was sailing on charter in 2014 from Newport R.I.  Has been seen sailing in company with Adix and Creole.  The new Atlantic has been brought to perfection and is now for sale.   We have been asked to comment on the later years of the original Atlantic. Here is a brief synopsis. (There is a lot more to say!) After Gerard Lambert campaigned her in Europe she was laid up in New London, Ct.  During the Great Hurricane of 1938  she broke loose and her bow stranded on top of a smaller vessel.  Subsequently, probably in 1940, (This date is a projection given to me by a member of the Lambert family) Gerard Lambert donated her to the U. S. Coast Guard Academy.  They re rigged her as a 3M Staysail Schooner,  and used her as a sail training ship throughout the war.  They in turn sold her to partners here in City Island, N.Y.  At that time she was in ready to sail condition, and could have gone anywhere.  The partners tried to find a buyer, but in the post war economy there were none.  They held her for several years, then stripped her of her gear and removed 90 tons of lead from her keel. (confirmed to me by Robert Jenkins, son of one of the partners in August of 2010).  She was then sold to Doan (sp?) Salvage Co. of Camden, N.J. They subsequently sold her to Ward Bright who took her to Wildwood, N.J.  After many years there she sank, was bought by  Al Urbelis  who had her raised.  She sank again, probably because of thin plates and broken ice, and was later raised again for another owner.  He renforced  her with concrete and woven wire between her frames and had her towed to Norfolk, Va.  Three days before she was to be dry docked  she sank again, this time in deeper water.  Yet another owner tried to raise her, but the wake from a passing boat jostled her at a critical moment and the rig came down.  Later the yard had what was left of her lifted ashore and broken up.  For news about her larger sister go to Sea Call below.
  • Atlantis,  El Austal, Dr. Bernardo Houssay: May visit Woods Hole.
  • Black Douglas, Acquarius, Now El Boughaz I: Recently sold to a Morrocan owner.
  • Bluenose II:  While not a yacht, and not now a fishing vessel either, she is a wonderful vessel.  See what is going on by Googling in Nova Scotia Webcams-Bluenose II
  • Columbia:  Not a yacht either, and another wonderful vessel.  Two replicas have been built of steel in Florida.  The second is for sale.
  • Cressida, Pioneer, Yankee Clipper:    As of January 6,2017 we have learned that efforts to restore this fine vessel have come to naught and that she has been recently cut up for scrap.
  • Elena: She has so far proven slightly faster than her sister.  Has been active on both the Med. and Carib.
  • Eleanora: As beautiful as ever,  Was for sale in 2017, and spent some time on Narragansett Bay. We have not heard if she has found a new home.
  • Deva:  Listed for sale, Jan 2017.  Will she find a new American owner? 
  • Elk: Is she still in existence in Cuba?
  • Queen, Irolita, Queen: Will she be replicated?
  • .Germania:  The replica’s name is Nova Germania.  Now sailing on the med.  We saw her in Provincetown, Mass.  late  Summer, 2013.
  • Hussar, Vema, Mandalay: Has found a new owner.  See her elsewhere in Classic Sail News.
  • Invader: Has she found a new owner?  News Wanted.
  • Ingomar: Work on the new hull has been completed, and she is for sale.    Perhaps she will be a playmate for the new Germania.
  • Katoura: We have recently heard that a replica is under serious consideration.
  • Margherita, Davida: A replica has been under consideration.
  • Sea Call: It is now possible to recreate her lines and a table of offsets as her lines have been taken off the half model of her at the Heart Nautical Collection at MIT using the latest techniques. Other information including spar dimensions and construction scantlings may also be available.  Since this was posted we have located many of her original plans.
  • Argus: Looks much better in her new coat of paint.
  • News News News: The 3  Masted Bktn.  Concordia sank of the coast of Brazil on Feb. 19.   She was struck by a microburst and knocked on her beam ends in seconds.  All 64 people aboard were rescued unhurt.  She is  the fourth vessel to be claimed by a white squall that we know of.  The others were Albatross, Marquese, Pride of Baltimore (I),
  • Spartan: After a total rebuild, the last remaining N.Y.Y.C 50 Class sloop came in second overall in the Opera House Race in Nantucket (2011).  Her owners have been learning to sail on this class of vessel.
  • News Flash, Oct 26 , 2010.  Rumor- There will be a new steel hulled 3 Masted Gaff Rigged Schooner built to John Alden’s design number 347;  121’2′ LOA, 91′ 6″, LWL, Beam 24′ 0″, Draft 12′ 9″. June 13′ 2011,  Google in alden 347 for news.  Later news, this fine new vessel will be named Wolfhound.
  • Vagrant: The second Herreschoff schooner of this name, built in  1913  and a sistership to Mariette, has reportedly undergone a major refit.  She reportedly is still owned by the same family.  We have learned that, for now she will not be given back her original gaff rig, and do not know if she will join the racing fleet on the Med.   The first Vagrant was built in 1910 and is currently in Japan.
  •  The US Navy sailed (sort of) the Constitution  in 2012.  Only under the power of her partially set sails and only for about 1,000′.    Mystic Seaport sailed the  Charles W. Morgan on Stelwagen Bank (where the whales are) also on Massachusetts Bay and elsewhere in 2014, and the two met in Boston.
  • We have a non-sailing note to add.  The abandoned steel hulk of the 1902 177′ ? 188′? steam yacht Celtic, later Sachem and last Circle Line V lies sunk in a creek off the Ohio River.  For someone with very deep pockets and a taste for true lineage she might present a proper challenge.  She has been there (in fresh water) for about 30 years.
  • Latest update  March 14, 2018.

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June 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm

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