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Large Sailing Yachts of Current Interest

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Original Vessels:

  • Cressida, Crimper, Pioneer, now Yankee Clipper; 2M Sq. Foretop Sch. (now 3M Staysail Sch.) 172’ 0” LOA 1927 Des. Cox & Stevens; Blt. Germania Werft.  Broken up in Trinidad.  Please see our Recent Developments section.
  • Creole, Magic Circle, Vira, now Creole; 3M Staysail Sch. 191’ 0” LOA 1927 Des. Chas. E. Nicholson; Blt. Camper & Nicholson. Has been sailing on the Med. for many years.  Has had a wonderful days playing tag with the new Atlantic.  We have recently compared the plans of Creole and Atlantic and find that they are very close sisters.  This is not a total surprise if you remember who had Creole built.   We would love to see Creole’s original sail plan, which may have been gaff rigged.
  • Croce del Sud; 3M Gaff Fore and Main, Marconi Mizzen Sch.   122′ 4″  LOA 1933 Des. & Blt. N. Martinolich.  Has been owned by the same family since she was built.
  • Etak, Vega, Junita, Te Vega, now Deva; 2M Gaff Sch. 134′ 2″ LOA 1930 Des. Cox & Stevens; Blt. Freid Krupp Germaniawerft. Owned by an Italian and sailing on the Med.  As of Jan. 2017, we have heard that she is for sale.
  • Guenivere; 3M Gaff  Sch.  195’  LOA  1921 Des.  Swasey & Raymond  Page.  Both  built by Lawley.   Retained the name Guenivere during  her service as a convoy escort ship in the navy during WWII.  This second Guenivere was last known to be on the Med., probably in the 1950’s.   Does anyone know her fate?
  • Hussar, Vema, now Mandalay; 3M Gaff (now Staysail) Sch. 202’ 6” LOA (Length on deck) 1923 Des. Cox & Stevens;  Blt. Burmeister & Wain.  Recently changed hands again, now owned by a company in Florida.  After extensive refit will again cruise the eastern Carib.   Descendants of Capt. Charles Rodstrom, her professional captain during the 1930’s, are seeking information about her two record breaking transatlantic crossings under his command.  Please also see our Recent Developments section.
  • Invader, Nancy Lee, Invader, Empress, Now Invader; 2M Gaff Sch. 135′ 0″ 1905 Des. A. S. Chesbrough Blt. Geo. Lawley & Son.  This original has done well in ocean racing.
  • Sunbeam II, Flying Clipper, now Eugene Eugenidies; 3M Sq. Foretop Sch. 195’ 0” LOA 1929 Des. G.L. Watson;  Blt.  Denny.  The Greek navy may have taken her on for use as a sail training ship.  Does anyone have current news?
  • Shenandoah, Lasca II, Shenandoah, Atlantide, now Shenandoah; 3M Sq Foretop Sch. (now 3M Gaff Sch.) 134’ 0 ”LOA 1902 Des. Theo. E. Ferris  Blt. Townsend & Downey.
  • Vagrant; (2)  Currently rigged as a 2M Staysail Sch.  Sister to Mariette.  Her owner passed away a few years ago.  While details are still lacking, we have heard from reliable sources that the same family has decided to keep her in the family. Will they restore her to her original rig, perhaps with the intention of racing her sister?
  • Visitor II, Guenivere; 3M Gaff Sch. 197’ LOA 1908  Des. A. L. Swasey. Wrecked while in the United States Navy during WWI.         Note; Descendants of the family that owned the two Guiniveres are seeking additional historical information.
  • Xarfia, Radiant, L’ Oiseau Blanc, Capitania, Georgette, Xarifa; Orig.3M Gaff Fore & Main Marconi Mizzen, now all Marconi. 141′ LOA. 1927.  Des. Joseph M. Sopher.  Blt. John S. White.  Used as research vessel by Hans Hass between 1951 and 1960.  Currently on Med. See more elsewhere on this site for information about the several Xarfias.


  • Atlantic; 3M Gaff Sch. 185’ 0”  LOA  Orig. 1903, Des. Gardner & Cox.  The new vessel is currently enjoying her second season sailing extensively on the Med.  Her people do not wish to push her hard until they learn how to handle her.  The top steady speed she has attained so far is 18 knots, with bumps up to 21 knots.

_JRT3141 (1)_JRT3170 _JRT3430 (1)_JRT3881

_JRT4022ATLANTIC - james robinson taylor _JRT3939


all photos copywrite by James Robinson Taylor reproduced with permission.

  • Eleanora;&Elena 2M Gaff Sch. 136′ LOA  Orig. 1910,1911 Des. Nat. Herreschoff.  These two fine new schooners enjoyed (despite Eleanora’s partial dismasting) fine seasons sailing on the Med. and /or the U.K.  We know that Elena  but have nothad her rig enlarged in 2012, but have not had more recent news of  Eleanora.
  • Germania Nova ;  Now sailing on the Med.   We would like new news.
  • Ingomar; Replica under construction.  Will she be a playmate for Germania Nova? 
  • We have additional information on most of these vessels.
  • Latest update Jan. 7, 2017.

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September 16, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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  1. i was in Le grazie near la spezia and saw the beutiful black swan sitting on land since three years certainly not good for the boat with the black hull.
    Understood she is for sale have earlier been arrested situation unclear but is offered for sale for 2700 000 Euro by company in monaco
    need a new owner soon.


    November 18, 2010 at 9:12 am

    • Dear Per, Thank you for the information on Black Swan. I had heard she was for sale and I am sorry to hear of her current distress. Is she under cover? Is she being maintained? I too hope she will find a new owner soon.


      November 19, 2010 at 4:11 am

  2. Vagrant
    check out not a very good web site i just dumped some photos on it and put a note on the home page.
    I had a deal all worked out to save her ealier this year but it came to nought. I was going to bring her to my yard in Subic bay Philippines and rebuild her for a yachtsman.
    Hope this will spark some interest in Vagrant and lead to her being saved. She is not for sale but I have a been to see her and the owners would like to see her saved. It is a delicate regarding the approach to the owners but not beyond hope. Andy


    November 23, 2010 at 3:17 am

    • Dear Andy, To be clear to other readers, this is the first Herreschoff schooner Vagrant, built of composite construction for Harold Vanderbuilt in 1910. This is a boat that should be considered a national treasure, and could again bring joy to a sympathetic owner. She is smaller than most of the boats we usually follow, and would not represent so large a financial commitment. Andy, please tell us why she is not actually for sale and how the owners should be approached. I have just talked to Halsey Herreschoff about your E-mail, and he is very interested in having the details. He will be traveling to New Zeland and elsewhere in February and March, and may be able to include a visit to Vagrant in his travels. Best Len


      November 23, 2010 at 4:24 pm

  3. I was involved in Yankee Clipper in the 70ies. Am interested in current condition of the ships structural strength, etc!

    whomever, that can give pertinent information, please Email on above address.

    percy sundquist

    March 13, 2011 at 10:19 am

    • Dear Percy, Yankee Clipper is secure in Trinidad, and is owned by Mike Burke’s son Michael. She is a candidate for a total restoration as a yacht if a suitable buyer can be found. Her structural strength would have to be determined by a survey with the vessel hauled out, which could be done where she is.


      March 16, 2011 at 4:05 pm

  4. te name is XARIFA no XARFIA.

    fernando Masaveu

    April 23, 2013 at 8:03 am

    • Hi Fernando, Thank you for helping me keep on top of this. Do you have news of the boat? Best Len


      April 23, 2013 at 6:06 pm

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