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4 Yachts Named XARIFA

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The First Xarifa. First photo, source unknown. Second photo, Cowes Maritime Museum. Please contact them if you wish to use this photo.

photo (4)

First Xarifa, during wartime sevice WWI. Source unkown.


  • Xarifa, Ophelie, Halcyon II; 1894, 192′ Des. & Blt. John H. White, Cowes.  Composit Steam Aux. Bgtn.  Bought in Britain by U. S. Gov’t during WWI.  Owned in U. S. after.  Was tender to Vanitie.
  • Xarfia; 1912, Gaff Ketch.  LOA 134′ 0′.  Des.  Joseph M. Sopher.  Probably Blt. John S. White.  Once did 14 knots for six consecutive hours.
  • Xarifa; 1927, 141′  spoon bow 3M Gaff fore & Main Marconi Mizzen Sch.  Des.  Joseph M. Sopher  Probably Blt. John S. White.  Between 1951 & 1960 used as a research vessel by Hans Hass.   Now Marconi on all masts.   Has found a new owner, a Panamanian charter company owned by a gentleman from Spain.  Currently undergoing a major refit in the same Spanish yard that built the replica of the schooner yacht Elena and performed the final outfitting of the cod fishing schooner Santa Maria Manuela.   This fine vessel is sailing again under an enlarged rig.  From information  we have seen in the press she looks great!
  • Xarifa, S. S. Caymania; 1930, 204′ spoon bow steam yacht, no sail.  Des. Joseph M. Sopher, Blt. John S. White.
  • We hope we have gotten the thread of things right with these four fine yachts.  There may have been a fifth one, a large schooner, also a Sopher design Blt. 1900 or 1901 for Franklin Singer by Camper and Nicholson.
  • We have additional information on some of the vessels named Xarifa. 
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